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Xbox Live Subscription
Xbox Live Subscription Xbox Live Subscription Xbox Live Subscription

Xbox Live Subscription

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Xbox Live Gold gets a 5 star review from me because it is the best, I used to be a playstation gamers but after my friend introduced me to live I was converted to Xbox, the whole system is so much better and I found smoother more professional and with a larger community, if you love multiplayer and online gaming you have to get a Gold membership.
I have been gaming for 16 years and Xbox live took online gaming to the next level the choice and community is huge. There is always lots on offer from demo's, offers to brilliant multiplayer tournaments, Xbox live is the best thing about owning an Xbox it truly is phenomenal.
If you want online multi play gaming then you have to have an xbox live membership. i recommend live because I have never had any issues, online gaming is smooth with no lag and cheaters rarely get in these days and if they do they are quickly banned. Xbox live gold is fairly priced and all xbox owners should have one.
As an Xbox one owner having a live membership is a must have. With live you get so much more than just having the console and you feel like you are part of a like minded community. I always renew with a 12 month membership every year, multi player gaming is superb it really is something I could not live without.

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